Nominating Working Group

Committee Description: This committee is made up of the most recent five past presidents.

This committee will nominate one or more candidates for the office of Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

1. They will transmit a list of all nominees for this office to the Executive Director at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting for the purpose of publiciation.

2. If necessary, provide ballots that list the names of the nominees.

Prior to the KVMA Annual meeting, the nominating committee will select a recipient for the:

1. Veterinarian of the Year (Awarded Annually)

2. Distinguished Service Award (Awarded Annually)

The Nominating Committee may recommend to the Executive Board potential nominees for The LaBore Award and other Special Awards.

Dr. Mark Smith – Chair

Dr. Vicky McGrath

Dr. Alice Mills

Dr. Walter Haines

Dr. Doug Peterson