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KBVE – Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners

The Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners is the site to be checked for all information regarding your Veterinary license, Veterinary Practice Act and all Rules & Regulations regarding Veterinary Medicine in the State of Kentucky.  Please click the link to go the KBVE’s website.

Find A Veterinarian

Are you looking for a fellow veterinarian? Click the link for the KVMA Directory, you must be a valid KVMA Member to be included on this list.

KVMA Member Discount Programs

Learn more about companies the KVMA has selected for cost-saving benefits to our members.

KY Tax Information

Need to know the new Kentucky Tax Laws for Veterinarians? Click this link for more information.

Electronic Health Certificates Available

Click here for your electronic health certificates.

Links of Interest

Click here for more information and resources.

Pet Owner Resources

AVMA provides great resources for client education materials. Click the link for more information.

Veterinary Students

Click the Resource button to find more links that maybe helpful to students. We will be adding available internships and preceptor-ships to our Student button in the near future.

KVMA Award Winners

Celebrating individuals for their wonderful contribution to the veterinary community.