Member Discount Programs

Lifelearn Animal Health

Through our affinity partnership with the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association, LifeLearn Animal Health offers KVMA members discounts on industry-leading solutions including veterinary websites, client education resources, veterinary medical search tools, and client communication and retention software.

Foundation Risk Partners

FRP has partnered with OSMA Health, an association geared toward veterinary clinics. The OSMA Health Plan has had a proven track record of providing significant savings, while offering a broad range of medical plans (2 or more employees).


IndeVets provides flexible veterinary staffing that’s more than just relief—say goodbye to recruiting, vetting, and retaining top relief docs all on your own. Special offer for new KVMA hospital partners. Become a partner and get 25% off of your first 3 shifts with IndeVets.

Equine Industry Discounts

As a member of the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association, you are eligible for significant savings on nationally known products through NTRA Advantage. Your membership entitles you to special savings on products used for your equine farm, business, or personal use.

Veterinary Payment Processing

We’ve been working with vets for more than a decade and know how to get you the best rates. That’s why 99% of veterinary clinics and hospitals that process with us see significant savings.