Governmental Relations Working Group

Committee Description: This committee will monitor any legislation considered to impact the veterinary profession. They shall keep the Executive Board closely advised on legislative matters, and shall seek counsel and recommendations on difficult and controversial situations.

The committee should arrange to meet regularly, especially before and during a legislative session. They must work closely and in conjunction with the legislative consultant. The chairperson should notify the Executive Committee of any legislation that requires immediate action on the part of the KVMA.

The committee will monitor the Legislative Research website during the General Assembly for legislation pertaining to veterinary profession, animal industry, pharmacy issues, etc.

Dr. James M. Weber – Chair

Dr. Aaron Goodpastor

Dr. Alice Mills

Dr. Kris Hodges

Dr. Linda Grimes

Dr. Mark Smith

Dr. Mike Crowley

Dr. Phil Prater

Dr. Steve Wills

Dr. Stuart Brown

Dr. Walter Haines

Dr. Doug Peterson

Dr. Jennifer Quammen

Dr. Bonnie Barr

Dr. Tim Cottingham