Budget & Finance Working Group

Committee Description: The mission of the Budget and Finance Committee is: To be responsible stewards of the KVMA finances. The duties of the Budget and Finance Committee are:

1. Review annual budget

2. Review annual budget complaince

3. Create an asset reserve fund of at least one and one-half the annual operating budget.

The Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President will be ex-officio members of this committee.

Each member shall receive a copy of the audit or annual review made by a professional auditing firm and shall review the items in the reports.

The Committee shall review the past year’s budget compared with the actual expenditures. They shall review the budget for the following year as prepared by the President and Executive Director. The Committee shall present a written report of their findings and recommendations to the Executive Board.

The Committee shall meet at least two time a year.

Dr. Andrew Roberts – Chair

Dr. Jennifer Quammen

Dr. Brigette Dean-Hines

Dr. Steve Wills

Dr. Bart Barber

Dr. Ben Redmon

Dr. Butch Schroyer