KVMA Reps on other Boards and Councils

Committee Description: The following KVMA Members are on other Kentucky Boards or Councils. One may submit their name if you have interest serving on one of these particular boards representing the KVMA.

KY Livestock Coalition – Dr. Steve Wills

KY Agricultural  Council РDr. Aaron Goodpastor

KY Ag & Environment in the Classroom – Debra Hamelback

Ky Dairy Development Council – Dr. Charles Townsend

KY Livestock Care Standards Board – Dr. Charles Townsend

Ky Equine Health & Welfare Council – Dr. Jeremy Whitman

KY Animal Control Advisory Board – Dr. Mark Smith & Dr. Aaron Goodpastor

AU Alumni Advisory Council – Dr. Jennifer Quammen, Dr. Vicky McGrath, Dr. Paula Thorne

KEEP – KY Equine Education Project – Debra Hamelback