What if a staff member or client is diagnosed with COVID-19?

What if a staff member or client is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Coronavirus Veterinarian Clinic Guidance
Kentucky Department for Public Health

What if a Veterinary staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • No one should work while ill
  • The local health department (LHD) will be given the results
  • The LHD will follow up with the positive patient
  • The patient will be either:
    1. Be hospitalized
    2. Isolated at home if not ill enough to be hospitalized
    3. To be released from isolation:
      • A minimum of 7 days since onset of symptoms
      • Have all symptoms resolved
      • Be 72 hours fever free (without antipyretics)
  • Contacts will be investigated and a risk assessment is done to determine the risk of each employee
  • LHD will determine if anyone is at high risk and needs a 14 days quarantine
  • Different LHD’s have different capacity for monitoring, so some may be monitored daily and some may not
  • Staff should consider:
    1. Practice social distancing during work hours to minimize risk
    2. Take temperatures of employees at the beginning of the workday, send anyone home with a fever to prevent exposures
  • Maintain Social distancing with clients
    1. Curbside pick-up and drop off for pets
    2. Consider telemedicine, as appropriate, with clients with established vet-client-patient relationship

What if a client is diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • To date, there is no evidence that domestic animals can get sick or are able to transmit COVID 19
  • Recommend a healthy person bring the animal in but avoid unnecessary procedures or visits
  • Staff that brings the animal into the clinic, should wear gloves, eye, and respiratory protection
  • Notification to the State Public Health Veterinarian is not required, but is available if you have questions: 502-682-4048
  • Cleaning is accomplished with standard cleaning and disinfecting products. Follow instructions, especially contact time. Focus on high touch areas.