Kentucky BVE – An update from the Board on virus response, CE, and KVMA

Kentucky BVE – An update from the Board on virus response, CE, and KVMA

The Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners (KBVE) is providing the following updates on the COVID-19 response as it relates to veterinary medicine. You are receiving this message as an active veterinarian or veterinary technician licensee of the Board.

  1. KBVE is in contact with the Governor’s Office and will push out vital information related to the professions of veterinary medicine as it becomes available.  If the Governor’s Office mandates closures or restrictions on the practice of veterinary medicine, licensees will be expected to abide by such directives.
  2. The Board considers the profession of veterinary medicine essential.
    1. At this time, you should consider deferring elective surgeries.
  3. Notes on continuing education (CE) for the Sept 30 renewal of veterinarian and veterinary technician licenses
    1. Licensees are able to obtain all required CE hours online.
    2. Given that online CE is available and licensees still have six (6) months until the Sept 30 renewal deadline, the Board has no plans to adjust the CE deadline.
  4. As a reminder on telehealth (tele-triage, tele-consults, and tele-visits), veterinarians diagnosing and prescribing in Kentucky must:
    1. Be licensed in Kentucky with the KBVE,
    2. Have an established and current VCRP as defined in KRS 321.185,
    3. Retain records for 5-years from the date of the last exam, and
    4. Make records available upon request to the client pursuant to 201 KAR 16:500.

The only exception may be a military veterinarian in consultation with a Kentucky licensed veterinarian, or a veterinarian working under a declared state of emergency in a volunteer capacity, as described in KRS 321.200.

KBVE is in contact with the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association (KVMA), and is providing you the following updates from the professional organization.

  1. KVMA email is partially down. This issue should be resolved by early next week.  KVMA’s Executive Director Debra Hamelback is still able to respond to individual emails, and members may always call the office with their concerns.
  2. KVMA website will have a dedicated information tab on COVID-19 by the end of the week.
  3. KVMA Facebook page is up and is a source for updates.
  4. If you still need CE, please consider attending the KVMA Conference, Sept 18-20.